About LTV

LTV is TCNJ’s student run television production organization. It is operated by and housed in the Department of Communication Studies. Participants are volunteers, and LTV students in any major are encouraged to join the club and to create our programming.

Since all programming on LTV is student-initiated, they depend upon the interests of the active participants. We currently broadcast seven shows: comedy, game show, lifestyle/pop culture, news, music, special events, and sports.

LTV cablecasts on TCNJ campus cable, channel 2-2. LTV programs during the fall and spring semesters, with shows airing each day. When LTV is not broadcasting original content, we transmit advertisements about upcoming campus events.

LTV shares in the equipment used by the School of Communication studies for academic work. This is an advantage, as the portable field equipment, studio, and editing facilities are all available for LTV production. We also have an unprecedented level of engineering and technical support.

While the opportunity to use professional equipment beginning as a first-year student is one attraction, LTV as an organization provides a setting for people to:

  • Make friends
  • Work in teams
  • Get professional experience
  • Build a portfolio
  • Network with professors and professionals in the field and
  • Learn to deal with real-life production challenges

Participation involves interaction within the organization, the TCNJ campus and with the local Ewing community.